Oil Containment System

Founded by Bill Gannon in 1991, SPI develops and manufactures products to contain oil spills.
Bill’s expertise stems from the use of polymer technology used in the cleanup following the Exxon Valdez accident in 1989.
The development and patent of SPI Petro-Barrier™, Petro-Plug® and Petro-Pipe® products makes it possible to offer its customers varied, simple, economical and effective oil containment solutions for light traces of oil up to complete discharge with rainwater management. SPI products are compatible with all hydrocarbons (mineral oil, diesel, etc.), MIDEL type eN and 7131 oils as well as Cargill’s FR3 product.

How It Works

SPI, Petro-Barrier™, Petro-Plug® and Petro-Pipe® products use a patented filtration technique that allows water to be drained while providing total oil containment. The water thus drained does not contain any hydrocarbons (non-detectable level < 5ppm).
In the event of a large oil spill, the filter products form a plug and completely retain the entire water/oil mixture. All that remains is to clean everything up. No other technology offers proven reliability for water drainage and 24/7/365 oil spill protection without a sensor, water/oil separator, pump or valve.
For more than 30 years, SPI products and systems have been used successfully in several thousand applications on all continents. This technology applies both to the design of new containment basin projects and to the renovation of existing systems. To date, no SPI product has had oil leaking.

The entire range has been subjected to numerous certified laboratory tests, validating a level of less than 5 ppm or non-detectable TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons) hydrocarbon in drainage water.