Make Switches

Manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment , ETNA Industrie, which recently celebrated its 80th anniversary, is internationally recognized for its vast know-how. The company’s R&D efforts have made it possible to develop specific equipment in several very specialized sectors.
In the field of activity of Atelier A.H.R. specifically the generation, transport and distribution of energy, ETNA industry introduced hydraulic controls for high and very high voltage circuit breakers. This company has become the world leader in this specialty.
In Canada, all major electrical power testing laboratories in the country are equipped with make switches used for research and development, including the Powertech laboratory in Vancouver. The latter adopted ETNA make switches more than 40 years ago and renewed its equipment with new generation equipment in 2016. This laboratory device is used to close high intensity alternating current electrical circuits (300 kA) with very short closing times (<10 ms) and very precise (+/- 0.1 ms). The interlock is designed to support a permanent current of 1500 A, however without breaking capacity.
Since 2023, these devices, historically using SF6, now have versions under ambient air and under compressed air. The range now extends from 3.6 @ 72 kV and up to 500kA (asymmetrical) making capacity.