Atelier A.H.R. has developed special techniques & processes for refurbishment of high voltage circuit breakers.

About Us

Atelier A.H.R. has been present for over 25 years throughout Canada and we are located in Brossard (Quebec, Canada). Since its early days, AHR has always teamed up with the worldwide best specialists and manufacturers in high power and high voltage apparatus.

At the beginning, in the mid-80’s, the core business was about high voltage circuit breakers. Today, a wide range of products are offered by the company.

Atelier A.H.R. team cumulate a wide experience on high voltage apparatus used in substations and powerhouses of electrical utilities. For almost 50 years, our wide experience covers manufacturing, commissioning, sales and after-sales services of high voltage apparatus. Our word wide network of contacts and specialised suppliers, developed over years, allows us to offer adapted solutions to insure life extension, reliability, and security of equipments actually in service.

Our Canadian customers are mainly large operators of electrical networks and large industrial plants who have their own substations and power houses in order to fulfill their energy needs.


Our expertise includes back engineering, improvement, manufacturing of parts for small & bulk oil, air blast and SF6 circuit breakers. Refurbishment of main contacts (machining and plating) had specifically contributed to Atelier’s A.H.R. reputation.

Atelier A.H.R. also offer a wide experience (background) in compressed air distribution network for electrical substations up to 3,600 psi (250 bars), and equipment for high power laboratory (make switches, load resistors & measuring transformers).

A good example of Atelier A.H.R.’s contribution in high voltage apparatus is a refurbishment and upgrade project for vintage CGE-CLR100 Load Tap Changers, including new pressure tight oil compartment and transition resistors.

Another example of Atelier A.H.R.’s expertise is the integration of a high voltage oil impregnated capacitor, supplied by Maxwell, which improved performance of series air core reactor on high voltage power line.

Additionally, Atelier A.H.R. represent various manufacturers which cover a wide range of specialised products related to high voltage apparatus, from NORMANDY MACHINE COMPANY electrical contacts and bushings to MAXWELL special application high voltage capacitor, including HVDC network equipment from SCHNIEWINDT for such as 10 to 1000 kVDC voltage dividers & harmonic filter resistors, Make Switches from ETNA for high power / high voltage laboratory, air and natural gas high & very high pressure compressors from J.A. BECKER and partial discharge detector & locator from ELIMPUS.