Atelier A.H.R. has developed special techniques & processes for refurbishment of high voltage circuit breakers.

Products - Power Resistor




The German based company SCHNIEWINDT design and manufactures power electrical equipments for industrial market and electrical utilities.

With great pride, SCHNIEWINDT celebrated in 2009 the 180th anniversary of foundation! The fifth consecutive family generation is now managing the company. Atelier A.H.R. is their representative in Canada since 1989.

SCHNIEWINDT Voltage (VT) and current (CT) transformers can combine technologies like resistive/capacitive coupling and numerical/optical signal transmission for metering and protection applications on high voltage network.

Schniewindt are worldwide known for their high voltage direct current (HVDC) voltage dividers, up to 1000 kV. The first outdoor type voltage divider, was delivered in 1966. To be also used in HVDC converter stations, SCHNIEWINDT design and manufacture power resistors for harmonic filters.

Other applications are:

  • Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGR);
  • Load Resistors (various applications, including for Radio Frequency testing (RF);
  • High voltage – high current research laboratory.

The industrial product division, design and manufacture high power heaters for liquid and gas.









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