Atelier A.H.R. has developed special techniques & processes for refurbishment of high voltage circuit breakers.

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As manufacturer of equipments and components for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, ETNA industry has been well-known for over 60 years; thanks to its know-how. Its strong research potential enabled to develop specific material in various fields: for transport and distribution of electrical power, for the nuclear, aircraft, aerospace, defence, automotive industries as well as for the cryogenics, petrol chemical industry and offshore.

Into Atelier A.H.R.’s business field, such as generation, transmission and distribution of energy, ETNA Industry supply hydraulic drive mechanism for high and extra high voltage circuit breaker hydraulic drive mechanism. ETNA remains worldwide leader into this speciality. The company also design and manufacture a wide range of fluid regulation equipments with state of the art technologies such safety valve, pressure reducers, energy accumulator, electro-valve, pressure switches, etc…

In Canada more specifically, are installed many ETNA SYNCHRONOUS MAKE SWITCHES used for R&D on power electrical apparatus. This laboratory equipment can close/make on AC electrical load of high intensity (300 kA), with very short closing time (

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