Atelier A.H.R. has developed special techniques & processes for refurbishment of high voltage circuit breakers.

Products - Contacts and Bushings




Normandy Machine Company is well known, in North-America as the largest independent manufacturer of electrical contacts for all makes and models of LTC, OCB and Switches. Today, NMC has dozens of the latest CNC machines, water jet cutting capability, in house fibreglass manufacturing capability, computer driven routing on massive scales, cutting edge computer generated drafting ability, and the same hard working mentality of the founder, Harold S. Garret brought to his vision started in his basement in 1941. Vision and Determination could grow the company from a small location in a home basement to a 56,000 square feet facility.

NMC provides the Utility, Transformer, and Transit Industry on a global basis, with Products and Services that meet or exceeds customer’s needs and expectations. NMC and Atelier AHR are committed of maintaining this cutting edge position in the electrical industry by advancing our people, products, and technologies, to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.



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